As a graduate designer, in the field of communication design, I understand not only, on the attractive implementation in image and film, but on their customer-market strategy. This increases the market opportunity and quality of your product and also creates a financial advantage.

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Direct contact

I offer you a direct personal contact, also directly via mobile number. Always available, competent and flexible. 25 years of professional experience in hundreds of animations.

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Whether it’s layout or storyboard, concepts and planning take center stage. Your budget determines the possibilities, not a price list or seconds. The basis here is always a concept, a plan or an offer.

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Always up to date with latest possibilities: Drones, AI, NERFs, etc. Virtual reality and 360° have long been part of the production.Equipped with professional photo and film equipment, Mac and PC, and a selection of software that can cover every area of projection.



Whatever your product or concept, I take over your data. I take photography, film or 3D scan. Create 3D models on photos, drawings and designs, technical plans or CAD data of various formats. I am used to work with architects, engineers and designers. No new territory, but many years of experience.

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Nothing is more boring than still images; motion and animation, whether integrated into film or on their own, are much easier to understand and create the emotions that images often lack.

Of course, this also applies to virtual reality. The interaction with the product presented.

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The integration of 3D animation or images into film shots or pictures is an integral part of the production. No matter if flight shots, drones or green screen.

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Images, film editing or VR presentation. Whether technical film or ambience. We deliver what you need for a successful presentation. At trade fairs, on the Internet or in meetings.

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we only use top tier equipments

Wide variety of software

We use a wide range of professional software. From CAD to 3D animation and from tracking to compositing. 

Top Film and Photo Equipment

We use professional cameras and lenses from Canon and Blackmagic Design. 

About us

Our intention is to go beyond the usual presentation of 3D visualization and animation, and to enrich the communication of our clients. Design is always about human perception and for me this includes the palpability of images. Idea and creativity only work if they appeal to human curiosity, so we can feel them with our senses. My goal is to overcome the stereotype of lifeless perfection and give the images a feeling that we can understand and humanize.

For these goals, I have armed us with the best technology, which is inexhaustibly creative in its possibilities. We enrich this additionally with stories, with emotion and movement. But it’s not the tools alone, it’s the people who operate them. Even the latest AI technology is not capable of creating beautiful images without the people who operate it.

We can do this because we have been educated in it all our lives. No puppet comes alive by the strings, but by the player who knows how to move it. No pupet player without acting talent, no 3d artist without designing skills.

From our headquarters in Munich, Germany, we work for customers all over the world. In America as well as in the Middle East and Asia. This requires us to understand different cultural demands. I see this as inspiration and motivation, and am always happy to see surprisingly beautiful new works. The magic of art is to surprise us. Therefore, I make a special effort to empathize with my client’s wishes and become their friend. I love to become part of them.

Our Services
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We do production of digital images and animation done with 3d software and the usage of images or film. Our main field of work lies in products, industrial design, transportation, aviation and architecture.



  • We apreciate the performance and flexibilty of “Robert Lechl – Digital Artist”

    and look forward to our future excellent cooperation.

    Michael Bork
    Aircraft Interior Architect / Lufthansa Technik AG