Digital Art

3D modeling

We can model any Object with hardsurfaces, softsurfaces, subdivision surfaces (t-splines) or Nurbs.

3D file converting

Formats are often a problem on interchange files between different software, we have the knowledge to convert almost any types including nurbs (Rhino, IGES, Solids, etc) or splines.

3D retopo

Our most often used format is Pixar Standards Subdivision Surfaces. We are very fast in retopo objects into this flexible format. You can also find more information about this in the article section.

3D shading

We have clients that need correct shading of a materials, that’s no problem. We have a lot knowledge here. To prove that, we upload big images to our portfolio.

3D animation

Honestly we have no big character animation skills but use freelancer in that case. Anyhow every technical animation shouldn’t trouble us.

3D render

Thats our favorit! We love to make images and animation that challenge our skills. Stay tunned we have always exciting new image on the website, some however can’t be publish without a confidential time.

Getting The Footage


Reality rocks! We use high value Canon SLR cameras to get the best picture possible.


We have improved our skills in the last years and spend many hours in the wild. A great experience.


If you need to stencil something out of a movie we got the skills to do that. We even illuminate the scene correct and keying it for you.


Well I’m married to an actress and so we can cast actors and direct the set so you get real drama in the scene.


We do our postproduction in house and we are perfect equipped with video tools.


We can put your work on DVD, web or make a presentation for you (powerpoint, keynote).