Robert Lechl de

Robert Lechl

Gründer und Besitzer der Firma. Studierter Diplom Designer in Kommunikation und Illustrations Design. Arbeitet seit 2006 als alleiniger Geschäftsführer.


1994 – 1996
Graduate courses, Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, Italy

1990 – 1994
BFA in Media Arts, University (UAS) in Design,
Arts and Communication, Munich, Germany

1988 – 1990
Associates Degree in Arts, Fachoberschule II, Munich, Germany


Latest publications

CGHeute Web 03/2010.
Modeling a Spaceship
Article about the production of a Space Ship SciFi image

3D Artist UK 04/2010.
Mech Warrior Tutorial
Article about the production of a mech warrior SciFi image

Digital Production 04/2005.
A Notebook becomes real
Article about the production of a cinema commercial for a Toshiba Notebooks

Digital Production 02/2002.
Comparing render technologies
Article about different implementation of Mental Ray and others..

3D Live: 1998-2002.
Many Articles about Architecture, Visualization, Rendering and Workshops about Character Modeling.



Animago 2006:  1th price for professional stills in architecture
Animago 2003:  2th price for professional stills ‘ICE III HBF MUC’
Animago 2001:  price for commercial films ‘Bertelsmann’


2006 - Present
Digital Artist (former act3d), Munich, Germany Freelancing digital artist and producer
2002 January – 2006 September Form 3d, Munich, Germany Owner, Project Manager Responsible for 3d production, IT-structure and business affairs. Lead production team of 4 artists. Approve all artwork. Projects areas include architecture, commercials and product visualization for various companies such as Audi, Toshiba and Siemens.
Aktivmedia 3d, Munich, Germany Owner and Producer Produced 3D content for various products like computer games (CDV), animated cartoon commercial (Magix), films (Cuby TV) and automobile trailers (Brose)